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Grammalecte client

Crate Documentation

This crate is an Open Source Grammalecte client, written in Rust.

Please have a look at this crate documentation to learn more.


Grammalecte Rust Client

This crate is a Rust client to the Grammalecte server API.

Grammalecte is an Open Source software that allows to do french spell-checking.

Integrated server

The optional feature embedded-server allows you to spin up an temporary web server that will act as Grammalecte backend, instead of targetting an existing instance:

use grammalecte_client::GrammalecteClient;

let msg = "Les ange sont inssuportables!";
let res = GrammalecteClient::start_server()
println!("RESULT = {:#?}", res);


You can also ask Grammalecte to give you valid alternatives words:

let res = GrammalecteClient::start_server()
println!("RESULT = {:#?}", res);


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