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An alternative implementation of Golang specs, written in Rust for embedding or wrapping.





  • In other words, it's just another flavor of Go.
  • It's designed to work with other Rust code in the case where you want to offer the users of your library/app the ability to use a "simpler" language to call the native (Rust) code, like what Lua is for Redis/WoW, or Python for NumPy/Sublime Text.


  • It's native to Rust, and your Rust project is looking for a scripting language.
  • Go is nice and easy and you are familiar with it.
  • To Rust programmers, it should be very well understood that compiler helps, as a strictly typed language, Goscript's type checker helps a lot compared to dynamically type languages, especially when your codebase gets larger.


Goscript Internals I: Overview


  • This readme update serves as an alpha release announcement.
  • Almost all the language features are implemented as per the specs(pre-1.18, i.e. excluding generics).
  • Part of the standard library is ported, which is not fully working.
  • There are still a lot of work to be done besides libraries, like API cleanup, Documentation, and a lot more test cases.
  • Overall it's considered buggy although it passes dozens of test cases.
  • A beta release is expected in about a year from now.



  • Is this a new language?

    No, this is Go by definition. You can think of it as a hybrid of Go and Python, it takes the design of Go and implements it the way Python does. So, I think it's also fair to call it a scripting language.

  • Why not a new language?

    It's much easier to implement a language than to design one, I don't think I'm able to design a language that people would invest their time to learn. Go may be not perfect as a scripting language, but to me it works Ok.

  • Why not just use Python/Lua (with Rust)?

    People will/do, and Goscript can be a reasonable alternative, a strong type system can be a friend not enemy of your creativity.

  • Is Goscript fast/slow?

    I'm afraid it may be slower than you think. It's a VM based implementation without JIT, so there is an upper bound. Also, there is a tradeoff between performance and project complexity, we don't want a embedding language to be too big. For now, you can only expect a performance comparable to Python, I'm not sure how far we'll go with optimization in the long term.

  • Does Goscript support multi-threading/parallelization?

    No, that'd hurt single-thread performance and make things a lot harder to implement. I guess that's also why Python/Lua doesn't support parallelization. But it supports concurrency exceptionally well via goroutine :). It's also possible to introduce parallelization with libraries in the future.

  • When can we actually use Goscirpt?

    As mentioned above, I hope we can get it production ready in a year. I started this project three years ago, and I'll do my best not to abandon it.

  • How can I help?

    • Report issues.
    • Send a PR if it's a minor fix.
    • If you plan to contribute complex changes, please contact me for a discussion first.

Just want to see if it does run Go code

  • Make sure your Rust installation is up to date.
  • Clone this repository.
  • Go to goscript/engine
  • Put whatever you want in temp.gos
  • Run cargo test temp -- --nocapture
  • Or it should be trivial to make an executable that runs Go code following test.rs
  • Your code doesn't run? sorry, you can take a look at what do run in the test folder.






  • 简单地说,它是另一个风味的Go语言。
  • 其作用是用于其他的Rust项目,有时候你需要用一个更简单的语言封装和调用底层的Rust代码。就像Lua之于Redis/WoW,或者Python之于NumPy/Sublime Text。


  • 当你的Rust项目需要一个用Rust写的脚本语言。
  • Go语言简单易学且已经被广泛使用。
  • Rust程序员应该已经体会到编译器是编程助手,作为一个严格类型的语言,Goscript相对于其他动态语言更能帮你写好程序,特别是代码量变大的时候。


Goscript 设计原理一: 总览


  • 本次readme更新可以看作是alpha版本发布。
  • 几乎所有的语言特性都实现了(pre-1.18版本,即不包含范型)。
  • 移植了部分官方库,且这部分也没完全好。
  • 还有很多其他工作要做,比如API整理,文档,大量完备的测试用例等。
  • 总体上bug可能还不少,但是已经能通过很多测试用例
  • 预期在一年以内发布beta版本。


  • 这是个新语言吗?


  • 为什么不弄个新语言?


  • 为什么不直接用 Python/Lua (在Rust项目中)?

    大家会用Python/Lua的, Goscirpt只是提供了另外一个选项,强类型系统可以帮你写好代码而不是限制你。

  • Goscript快吗/慢吗?


  • Goscirpt支持多线程/并行吗?


  • 什么时候能真正用?


  • 可以怎么参与项目?

    • 提issue。
    • 小的改动可以直接提PR。
    • 大的改动请先联系我讨论一下。


  • 安装最新版的Rust。
  • Clone本项目。
  • 到goscript/engine目录。
  • temp.gos 写你想写的Go代码。
  • 运行 cargo test temp -- --nocapture
  • 或者参照test.rs 弄个可以执行Go代码的exe。
  • 你的代码跑不了?不好意思,不过你可以看看测试文件夹里那些可以跑的代码。


This crate is part of the Goscript project. Please refer to https://goscript.dev for more information.

It's a port of the the parser from the Go standard library https://github.com/golang/go/tree/release-branch.go1.12/src/go/types


  • btree_map: Make it use BTreeMap instead of HashMap


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