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Automated mirror of ring - Safe, fast, small crypto using Rust

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gnir - a republish of ring

This crate is, apart from the name, an exact duplicate of ring. It has been produced by an automatic tool to work around some inconvenience in the upstream crate.

For more information see https://crates.io/crates/isildur.

Original README.md file follows:

No readme file included in crate.


Safe, fast, small crypto using Rust with BoringSSL's cryptography primitives.

git clone https://github.com/briansmith/ring

Feature Flags

Feature Description
alloc (default) Enable features that require use of the heap, RSA in particular.
dev_urandom_fallback (default) This is only applicable to Linux. On Linux, by default, ring::rand::SystemRandom will fall back to reading from /dev/urandom if the getrandom() syscall isn't supported at runtime. When the dev_urandom_fallback feature is disabled, such fallbacks will not occur. See the documentation for rand::SystemRandom for more details.
std Enable features that use libstd, in particular `std::error::Error` integration.