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A tool to manage git projects in a folder

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MIT license



Gitten is git project manager with multiple repositories.

With gitten you can check out to new branches and tag branches from you active.


To build one has to have OpenSSL installed and adjust config.toml file accordingly to be able to run and compile the project.

For mac:

brew install openssl@3


cargo run <path to open in gitten with git projects inside>


To change window use "r" for Repositories, "t" for Tags and "B" for branches.

And right now while you are on repositories you can do:

Fetch a remote for a repository

:fetch <remote-name>

Checkout to a new or already in place branch:

:co <branch-name>

Pull from the current selected branch from the supplied remote:

:pull <remote-name>

Create a tag from active branch:

:tag <tag-name>

While you are on a branch or a tag you can do the following to push the selected branch or tag to the desired remote:

:push <remote-name>

To search within the selections:

/search <search-string>

To run a command with the selected repository path:


This I use to open a path in the desired application,








  • Push to remote with tags or not
  • Mark dirty head and allow to reset
  • Fetch remote
  • Force pull
  • Search within the selections
  • Run commands with the path
  • Watch for folder changes
  • Add tests


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