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A dotfiles manager using git

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Git Home

A dotfiles manager using git.


Git Home is a git extention to allow one to easaly manage there configuration files withouth needing to go through any symlinking or generating from third party apps.


git home [add <files> | status | init | commit <options> | 
          log | --help | -- <git-sub-command>]


  • add: add a file to the git_home repo.
  • status: print staus of files in the index.
  • init: initialize a new home repo.
  • commit: commit current index to repository.
  • log: prints a log of the last commit.
  • --help: prints this help dialog.
  • -- : passes any commands following the double dashes to git. Any command preceding the double dash will be executed first.

For example, to commit your changes and then see a log of your commit history you could run:

git home commit -m "some message" -- status | less

Global Variables:

  • GIT_HOME_DIR: $HOME/.config/git_home (default value)


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