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Check out your favorite branches without typing them correctly

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0.6.0 Feb 13, 2021
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0.5.0 Jun 9, 2019
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What is it?

git-heckout lists your branches and fuzzy matches your given branch name so that you can check out branches without typing their names entirely in.

For example:

$ git heckout ma
Successfully checked out branch master.


You can install/update git-heckout via:

$ cargo install --force git-heckout

or, via cargo install --path /path/to/clone. You may also find it useful to have an alias, e.g. git config --global alias.co heckout, or by adding

        co = heckout

to your gitconfig. This allows you to use the shorthand

$ git co ma

which internally executes git checkout master if master is a branch.


All of the basic functionality is effectively working, but a number of features have not been added yet.


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