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Generate changelog from git commit tree

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0.1.0 Jul 25, 2021

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Git Changelog

An application for generating a changelog from git commit tree



Executables can be downloaded in the releases page.

If the executable git-changes is put inside a directory included in the PATH environment variable, a new git subcommand changelog is available.

git changelog /path/to/git/repository > changelog.txt

Installation from Source

This is a Rust application and can be installed using Cargo.

cargo install git-changes


This application makes the following assumptions about the git commit tree.

  • Version names follow Semantic Versioning format;
  • Available versions are encoded in git tags (tags not matching the format are ignored);
  • Versions are developed in sequence;
  • Changes are encoded in commits following a certain format (commit not matching such format are ignored).

The application looks at the commit tree and considers all changes between each pair of subsequent versions. then it creates a Markdown changelog listing all changes for each version and prints it to standard output.

git-changes 0.1.0
Claudio Giovanni Mattera <dev@claudiomattera.it>
Generate changelog from git commit tree

    git-changes [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <repo-path>

        --add-tag-description    Add version description from tag messages
    -h, --help                   Prints help information
    -o, --only-last              Only last version changes
        --strip-gpg-signature    Strip GPG signature from version descriptions
    -V, --version                Prints version information
    -v, --verbose                Verbosity

    -c, --commit-regex <commit-regex>
            Commit message regular expression [default: (.+)\s+\(issue\s+#(\d+)\)]

    -r, --commit-replacement <commit-replacement>    Commit message replacement text [default: ${1} (issue ${2})]
    -d, --head-description <head-description>        Set the current head description
    -i, --include-head <include-head>                Include the current head as last version
    -s, --select-version <selected-versions>...      Generate changelog for selected versions

    <repo-path>    Repository path


Consider the following commit log.

*   e0f2b3a (HEAD -> master, tag: 0.2.0) Merge branch 'v0.2.0-devel'
| * d65a363 (v0.2.0-devel) Add file d (issue #4)
| | * b808f2d (issue/4) Add file d
| |/
| * 54dde1f Add file c (issue #3)
| | * 8c0a87b (issue/3) Add file c
| |/
| * 6ba5ad1 Start version 0.2.0
*   742c7b3 (tag: 0.1.0) Merge branch 'v0.1.0-devel'
| * 5053c28 (v0.1.0-devel) Add other file (issue #2)
| * a26d0e0 Add file (issue #1)
| | * 0ff918f (issue/2) Add file b
| |/
| | * 63cc891 (issue/1) Add file
| | * 1289020 Other change
| | * 5c7d7e5 Some change
| |/
| * b97af0f Start version 0.1.0
* cc5c841 Initial commit

This application will generate the following Markdown changelog.

# Version 0.2.0 (2021-07-07)

- Add file d (issue #4)
- Add file c (issue #3)

# Version 0.1.0 (2021-07-07)

- Add other file (issue #2)
- Add file (issue #1)

Select and Convert Commit Messages

Commit messages are selected for changelog according to a regular expression passed via the command-line argument --commit-regex, and converted by substituting the pattern passed via --commit-replacement. Default values are, respectively, (.+)\s+\(issue\s+#(\d+)\) and ${1} (issue ${2}).

In order to include links to the repository issues in the changelog, use something like:

${1} (issue [${2}](https://gitlab.com/claudiomattera/git-changes/issues/#{2}))`

Include Current Head

It is possible to generate a changelog for the current head, so that it can be included in the upcoming git tag.

In the following example, the version 1.0.3 is assigned to the current head.

git-changes --include-head 1.0.3

Include Tag Descriptions in Changelog

The tag message can be used as a summary before the list of changes in the changelog.

git-changes --add-tag-description

This application will generate the following Markdown changelog.

# Version 0.2.0 (2021-07-07)

This is the text in the tag message.

It can contain arbitrary text, it is not parsed as Markdown, but copied verbatim.

- Add file d (issue #4)
- Add file c (issue #3)

# Version 0.1.0 (2021-07-07)

- Add other file (issue #2)
- Add file (issue #1)

In case tags are signed, the flag --strip-gpg-signature will strip the signature in the changelog.


Copyright Claudio Mattera 2021

You are free to copy, modify, and distribute this application with attribution under the terms of the MPL 2.0 license. See the License.txt file for details.


~425K SLoC