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Manage snapshots of your working directory

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Manage snapshots of your working directory

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Dual-licensed under MIT or Apache 2.0



Backup and restore what your branches, including what they point at.



Download a pre-built binary (installable via gh-install).

Or use rust to install:

cargo install git-branch-stash-cli


See the uninstall method for your installer.

Once removed, git-branch-stash leaves behind:

  • .git/branch-stash

Removing this is safe and will have no effect.

Getting Started

Configuring git-branch-stash

Protected branches: These are branches like main or v3 that git-branch-stash must not modify. git-branch-stash will also rebase local protected branches against their remote counter parts.

Run git-branch-stash --protected -v to test your config

  • To locally protect additional branches, run git-branch-stash --protect <glob>.
  • When adopting git-branch-stash as a team, you can move the protected branches from $REPO/.git/config to $REPO/.gitconfig and commit it.

Pull remote when working from a fork, where upstream is a different remote than origin, run git config --add stack.pull-remote <REMOTE> to set your remote in $REPO/.git/config.

To see the config, run git-branch-stash --dump-config -.



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