Cargo Features

gimli = { version = "0.28.1", default-features = false, features = ["std", "read-core", "read", "read-all", "endian-reader", "fallible-iterator", "write", "rustc-dep-of-std"] }
default = read-all, write

These default features are set whenever gimli is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

std read-all

Enables std of optional fallible-iterator and optional stable_deref_trait


Legacy feature, no longer needed but retained for backwards compatibility.

read-core read?

Affects leb128::read, gimli::read

read endian-reader? read-all = read-core

Affects reader::Reader.to_slice, reader::Reader.to_string, reader::Reader.to_string_lossy

read-all default = endian-reader, fallible-iterator, read, std
endian-reader read-all = read

Enables stable_deref_trait

fallible-iterator read-all

Enables fallible-iterator

write default

Enables indexmap

Affects leb128::write, gimli::write


Internal feature, only used when building as part of libstd, not part of the stable interface of this crate.

Enables rustc-std-workspace-alloc, compiler_builtins, and rustc-std-workspace-core