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0.1.24 Feb 5, 2018
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0.1.19 Mar 29, 2017
0.1.8 Nov 14, 2016
0.1.2 Jul 31, 2016

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gerrit-rust is a console client for gerrit written in rust. This is a rust learner project. Have patience with me :-)

Currently tested with Gerrit V02.09 and V02.13.


Common github workflow: fork, clone, branch, commit, push and then pullrequest. I'm happy about every PR, but I will ask questions about changes to learn from your knowledge.


  • A installed git binary in $PATH
  • gerrit server with installed download-plugin

Manual & Ideas

Some design considerations here. Implemented features marked with [x]. All other ideas are todos and marked with [ ].

  • semver at version 1.0.0. Before this version no semver!

  • remove external depency to host

    • git binary
    • gerrit with download plugin
  • manage of topics over more than one repository (git submodules like)

    • 0.1.0 ggr topic forget <BRANCHNAME> [-R]
      Delete a branch at mainfolder and and with -R in all subfolders.

      • Add option -s in conjunction with -R to remove all branches recursive which have no commit and the repositories are clean. Warn unclean repositories/branches.
    • 0.1.8 ggr topic checkout <BRANCHNAME>
      Checkout a branch on all repositories.

      • 0.1.8 first check base folder if checkout happened sync all submodules than checkout changes for topic on subfolders
    • 0.1.7 ggr topic pull ...
      same as ggr topic fetch. This sub function is renamed because fetch is more in line with git speak than pull.

    • 0.1.8 ggr topic fetch [-f] [-b branchname] <topicname>
      fetch latest version of commits for a topic. Create for all changes a branch with the patch identifier as name, or with -b with a given branchname.

      • 0.1.9 Add tracking information via --track <branch> option.
      • 0.1.14 Add --closed option to pull closed (merged) topics
      • 0.1.21 Add -a get history of topic. See topic history.
    • 0.1.21 ggr topic history <topicname>
      fetch all versions of all changes within as tags. The tag format is ggr/<topicname>/<topicid>. The topicid is the reference number plus version of the patch.

    • 0.1.17 ggr topic reviewer [<TOPIC>] [-r <+/-MAIL>,...]
      Add(+) or remove(-) reviewer (-r) from topic. Without an option we receive a list of all reviewers on this topic.

      • 0.1.17 -v/--verbose for detailed view of approvals
      • Without TOPIC it used the actual topic (!=master) on base and submodules.
      • Add --format option for formating of output. Using of rust variable and formating informations like {email}, {email:15.2}.
    • 0.1.18 ggr topic abandon|restore [<TOPIC>]
      Abandon/restore a complete topic.

      • Without TOPIC it uses the actual topic
      • 0.1.18 [-m <MESSAGE>] adds a abandon message to all changes in this topic
      • [-n <NONE|OWNER|REVIEWERS|ALL>] notifiy a group of accounts about this abandon action or don't notify (via NONE). Default is ALL.
    • 0.1.19 ggr topic verify [<TOPICNAME>] [-c <code-review>] [-l "<revie-label>"] [-m <MESSAGE>]
      Gerrits labels are configurable on server side. Via -l option the label can be accessed. (e.g. -l "Code-Review:2"). Option -c <VALUE> is a convenient option for -l "Code-Review:<VALUE>". Currently only -2/-1/0/1/2 as values for labels possible. Additionaly a message can appended on all commits of a topic.

      • 0.1.21 Without option a overview of review process is printed
  • Query changes

    • 0.1.0 ggr changes query <QUERY> query a searchstring to gerrit server. Use as QUERY the same syntax as in gerrit web frontend. eg

      • 0.1.7 Add --regexp-selector to show only keys selected by regular expression. This remove the --fields selector introduced in 0.1.4.

      • 0.1.6 Add a --human option to print it in human readable format.

      • 0.1.4 Add --field-list to get all selectable fields, usable for --fields option on a second call.

      • 0.1.4 Add --raw for json in raw format. Usable for pretty printer over pipe

      • 0.1.4 Option -o/--ofields to get additional information of changes back (like REVISION etc ...)


      • ggr changes query status:open is:watched n:2: query open changes which watched flag.
  • 0.1.5 Use of curl-rs as http client

  • 0.1.0 Use a config file .ggr.config in TOML format

    • api: base url with schema (http)

    • 0.1.3 User authentication (deprecated since 0.1.9)

      • username: username for login
      • password: password for login [x] 0.1.9 only .netrc settings are respected for username and password. u/p in config file are ignored
    • root: true if this is the uppermost project of all repositories underneath

    • Authentication (e.g.: digest, basic)

      • digest and basic are supported. Current implementation calls both. First one is basic and second one is digest.
    • Consider to configure via config file or put all settings into as entries in .git/config.
      The values are same for config file and git-config approach. For the git-config we use ggr- as a prefix.

    • provide a configuration frontend

      • ggr config set baseurl 'http://localhost': set new baseurl
      • ggr config unset -C project1 root: remove root in project1 repository
      • ggr config set root: set root for current repository
      • 0.1.0 ggr config list: list all options
        • ... with origin of setting
      • ggr config generate --base <...> ...: generates a .ggr.config file
    • 0.1.9 Use $HOME/.netrc file to get username and password.

  • add a --dry-run option to print what we want to do, but we don't do it

    • changes fetch
    • gerritapi changes abandonchange
    • gerritapi changes create
    • topic fetch
    • topic abandon
    • topic checkout
    • topic create
    • topic fetch
    • topic forget
    • 0.1.21 topic history
    • topic restore
    • topic reviewer
    • topic verify
  • Library features

    • 0.1.16 cli needs a subcommand to do lowlevel task -> gerritapi

    • 0.1.0 implement base for http requests and responses

    • build a feature complete library to work with gerrit servers

      • access endpoint
      • accounts endpoint
      • changes endpoint
        • 0.2.0 Create change
        • 0.2.0 Query Changes
        • 0.2.4 Get Change
        • 0.2.4 Get Change Detail
        • Get Topic
        • Set Topic
        • Delete Topic
        • Abandon Change
        • 0.2.2 Restore Change
        • 0.2.2 Rebase Change
        • Move Change
        • Revert Change
        • Submit Change
        • Changes Submitted Together
        • Publish Draft Change
        • Delete Draft Change
        • Get Included In
        • Index Change
        • List Change Comments
        • List Change Drafts
        • Check Change
        • Fix Change
      • reviewer endpoint
        • 0.2.1 List Reviewers
        • Suggest Reviewers
        • 0.2.1 Get Reviewer
        • 0.2.1 Add Reviewer
        • 0.2.1 Delete Reviewer
        • List Votes
        • Delete Vote
      • Revision Endpoints
        • Get Commit
        • Get Revision Actions
        • Get Review
        • Get Related Changes
        • 0.2.3 Set Review
        • Rebase Revision
        • Submit Revision
        • Publish Draft Revision
        • Delete Draft Revision
        • Get Patch
        • Get Mergeable
        • Get Submit Type
        • Test Submit Type
        • Test Submit Rule
        • List Revision Drafts
        • Create Draft
        • Get Draft
        • Update Draft
        • Delete Draft
        • List Revision Comments
        • Get Comment
        • List Files
        • Get Content
        • Download Content
        • Get Diff
        • Get Blame
        • Set Reviewed
        • Delete Reviewed
        • Cherry Pick Revision
      • config endpoint
        • 0.2.0 Get Version
        • Get Server Info
        • Confirm Email
        • List Caches
        • Cache Operations
        • Get Cache
        • Flush Cache
        • Get Summary
        • List Capabilities
        • List Tasks
        • Get Task
        • Delete Task
        • Get Top Menus
        • Get Default User Preferences
        • Set Default User Preferences
        • Get Default Diff Preferences
        • Set Default Diff Preferences
      • groups endpoint
      • plugins endpoint
      • projects endpoint
  • Removed functionality

    • ggr topic create <BRANCHNAME> [-r sub:rev]
      Removed since 0.1.22, use instead git submodule foreach 'git branch <topicname>; true'

      Old functionality:

      Create branch at main folder and specified subfolders. If a branch with same name exists it isn't touched. rev is the reference where branch should created Defaults to orign/master. For base folder use -r ..

  • Other Ideas

    • 0.1.9 implement a log mechanism to get debugging information via loglevel switch

    • 0.1.20 ggr changes fetch CHANGEID Fetchs a changeid CHANGEID and his ancestors. The branch name is the CHANGEID name.

    • 0.1.16 do work to support more than one gerrit server

    • 0.1.14 create a helper script for setup of development environment

      • docker based gerrit server
        found docker image docker pull openfrontier/gerrit
      • setup password and username for gerrit
      • autogenerate git repositrories and submodules
      • setup gerrit for this repositories
      • auto push master branches to gerrit
    • ggr stat [-F <date>] [-T <data>]
      some statistics like opened and closed review since a week or between a timespan. via iso-8601 like date -Is.


      • ggr stat -F 1w: last week to now
      • ggr stat -F 2015-12-31 -T 2016-02-01: from 01.01.2016T00:00 till 01.02.2016T23:59:59
      • ggr stat -F 2016-01-01: from 02.01.2016T00:00 till now
      • ggr stat -T 2016-02-01: from begin of gerrit usage till 01.02.2016T23:59:59
    • ggr topic list -s
      List all development branches and the repositories. With -s it includes the commits in the branch like git submodule summary.

    • ggr topic push [-b] [<BRANCHNAME>]
      Push changes to gerrit. Without -b its pushed to gerrit. With option -b its pushed to a build server. Without branchname the current branch is pushed.

    • ggr topic rename OLDTOPIC TOPIC
      Rename OLDTOPIC to TOPIC

      • make OLDTOPIC optional, the current topic is renamed
    • reviewer per commit

    • reviewer per repository

    • status of branches
      shows status of a branch (remote and local like git remote show ...

      • ggr status [<BRANCHNAME>]
    • Support for .repo folder

    • Consider to use https://github.com/gsingh93/trace

    • Consider to use https://github.com/ticki/termion

    • 0.1.11 Document gerritlib::call module

    • 0.1.5 Add .travis.yml

gerrit demo server local on your host via docker

This creates a dockercontainer which is connectable via http://localhost:8080. The server is setup for development and all accounts can do all things. It generate or use a DOCKER-FOR-GERRIT folder containing of settings, repositories and ssh-keys.

docker run --rm -it \
           -h localhost
           -p 8080:8080 -p 29418:29418 \
           -v /development/projects/DOCKER-FOR-GERRIT:/var/gerrit/review_site \
           --name gerrit \


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