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Tool to search for geodes and budding amethyst in a Minecraft world

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1.0.4 Jan 23, 2024
1.0.3 Jan 22, 2024
1.0.2 Jan 29, 2023
1.0.1 Jan 25, 2023

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Geode Finder

This program helps find high density areas of geodes and budding amethyst in a given Minecraft world. It runs a search through each chunk within the search radius, and finds areas exceeding a given threshold of geodes within the random tick range. Then, it runs a simulation of geode feature generation, including budding amethysts, to filter out areas failing a budding amethyst threshold. Once complete, the program will return a list of coordinates of the center chunks in each location.


GitHub Releases

  1. Executables for Windows, Linux, and macOS are located in GitHub releases. Download the zip corresponding to your platform, extract, and run the binary.


This guide assumes that you already have Rust and Cargo installed and working.

  1. Use cargo install geode-finder to compile and install the program.

  2. The executable will be located your cargo binary directory.


  1. To see a list of all available arguments and defaults, run the executable with the --help argument. The defaults are helpful to minimize the amount of searching done.

  2. Set the variables accordingly and run the program (./geode-finder):

  • --game-version: the game version to use (1.17, 1.18-1.19, 1.20+)
  • --seed: the seed of the world that you want to search in (default: 0)
  • --search-radius: the radius of chunks to search through (default: 1000)
  • --geode-threshold: the minimum number of geodes in random tick range (default: 19)
  • --amethyst-threshold: the minimum number of budding amethyst in random tick range (default: 800)
  • --start-x: the x coordinate of the chunk to start the search from, in chunks (default: 0)
  • --start-z: the z coordinate of the chunk to start the search from, in chunks (default: 0)
  1. The program will produce a list of coordinates of the center chunks of each valid location.

  2. If you have Carpet mod installed, I've included a helper script to facilitate world pregeneration. Copy the list of valid geode locations to [worldname]/scripts/shared/geodes.txt and place geodegen.sc inside the [worldname]/scripts directory. Load the script and begin the search with ./geodegen.

  3. You can now use the region files from your world in this Geode AFK Spot Finder tool to obtain the best locations.


  • Add user input and CLI arguments
  • Add support for 1.17
  • Publish executables for Linux and Windows
  • Create variables for custom geode feature configuration
  • Improve search algorithm for geode search to minimize repeated checks
  • Add carpet script for automating world generation


  • KaptainWutax for reference implementation of a geode finder
  • MrSpike for some help with logic and information about geode generation


~98K SLoC