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Libraries for reading/writing Age of Empires II data files

5 releases (breaking)

0.5.0 May 24, 2020
0.4.0 May 18, 2020
0.3.0 Aug 4, 2019
0.2.0 Apr 9, 2019
0.1.0 Mar 23, 2019

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GPL-3.0 license

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Rust libraries for reading/writing various Age of Empires I/II files.

See docs.rs for documentation.

Example Programs

# Extract scenario files from a campaign to the working directory.
cargo run --example extractcpx ~/path/to/campaign.cpx

# Show the scenario files in a campaign file.
cargo run --example extractcpx ~/path/to/campaign.cpx -l

# Convert an HD Edition (+expansions) scenario to WololoKingdoms.
cargo run --example convertscx ~/path/to/input.aoe2scenario ~/path/to/output.scx wk

# Display contents of a language file.
cargo run --example displaylang ~/path/to/input/language.dll dll
cargo run --example displaylang ~/path/to/input/language.ini ini
cargo run --example displaylang ~/path/to/input/key-value-strings.txt key-value

# Convert HD Edition key-value.txt language files to language.ini files for Voobly or aoc-language-ini
cargo run --example wolololang ~/path/to/input/key-value-strings.txt ~/path/to/output/language.ini




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