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The Generic Programming Language

This is the main source code repository for Generic. It contains the interpreter and will at some point contain the standard library, and documentation.


Generic is based on the Lox programming language created by Bob Nystrom for his excellent book Crafting Interpreters.

This implementation is written in Rust and very closely based on clox-rs. The walkthrough of the book alongside clox-rs can be found in the previous repo.

Syntax highlighting

A rudimentary vscode extension exists in the form of generic-lang-vscode.


The interpreter can be build like this:

cargo build --release


A test suite and driver for the implementation can be found in test and tool respectively. The driver is written in Dart and taken directly from the book repo of Crafting Interpreters. The suite is an extension of the one that can be found in the same repository.

To run it:

make test


Benchmarking Generic against the official c and java lox implementations as well as, to a limited degree, python and ruby is also possible. The reference programs for that can be found in benchmark.

The benchmarking setup is driven by hyperfine which has to be installed and added to the path separately. This also holds for ruby and python.

However, the main benchmarking is against the lox implementations. For those runs to be possible the two versions have to be install from the book repo and placed into the (relative) path


Running the benchmark on linux is done via:

make benchmark-ci

To run the benchmarking on windows a jlox.bat with the following content:

@echo off

set "script_dir=%~dp0"
java -cp "%script_dir%\build\java" com.craftinginterpreters.lox.Lox %*

first has to be placed in the craftinginterpreters directory.

The benchmarking is then run via:

make benchmark


I recommend installing Generic by building from the source code as follows:

# Download the source code
git clone https://github.com/JanEricNitschke/generic-lang
cd generic-lang

# Install 'generic'
cargo install --path .

Now to use generic, in your terminal, run:



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