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A very easy-to-use and fast command line license generator!

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License Generator



This is a blazing fast ⚡, command line license generator for your open source projects written in Rust.

I know that GitHub has a great GUI to add licenses to projects but I always found myself doing too much work. First you have to go to GitHub, create a file, type 'LICENSE', pick a license, push it and then pull it locally. With this you can just generate the license locally and push it to GitHub.

I had not written some Rust code in a while so I made this simple project to brush up my Rust skills a bit (still very beginner).


Using Cargo

cargo install gen-license

From source

git clone https://github.com/nexxeln/license-generator.git
cd license-generator
cargo install --path .

If you don't have cargo installed, you can download the executable from the releases section.




  • Fork the repository
  • Create a branch
    git checkout -b fix/amazingFix
  • Commit your changes and push to your branch
    git commit -m "made an amazingFix"
    git push origin fix/amazingFix
  • Open a pull request


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