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A crate (and book) for making GBA games with Rust

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Eventually there will be a full Tutorial Book that goes along with this crate. However, currently the development focus is leaning towards having minimal coverage of all the parts of the GBA. Until that's done, unfortunately the book will be in a rather messy state.

What's Missing

The following major GBA features are still missing from the crate:

  • Affine Graphics
  • Interrupt Handling
  • Serial Communication

First Time Setup

Writing a Rust program for the GBA requires a fair amount of special setup. All of the steps are detailed for you in the Development Setup part at the start of the book.

If you've done the described global setup once before and just want to get a new project started quickly we got you covered:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rust-console/gba/master/init.sh -sSf | bash -s APP_NAME


This crate is Apache2 licensed and any contributions you submit must also be Apache2 licensed.


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