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0.8.0 May 18, 2024
0.7.0 May 5, 2024

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An opinionated Rust library for building application using data pipeline semantics. It uses a similar approach to the "Actor model", but fine-tuned for heavy, composable data processing.


  • spliting data processing logic into small stages facilitates development (my own experience)
  • stages are easily composable
  • pipelines are a good abstraction for implementing observability
  • robust loops with error handling, backoff retries, etc are ubiquitous and hard to implement correctly
  • traditional async loops hide too much of the complexity, hard to optimice at scale


  • zero-cost abstraction (sort of)
  • staticly typed stages, dynamic composition of pipeline at runtime
  • developer has full-control over each work unit
  • robust work loop provided by the library
  • error handling out-of-the-box, with different policies (retry, exit, backoff)
  • fully observable out-of-the-box (metrics, traces)
  • multi-thread pipeline, async option inside stage
  • ergonomic pipeline setup
  • back-pressure out-of-the-box
  • hot swap of stages (add / remove)


Current state of the lib is: "only I understand it". I'm experimenting with the api surface, so there are constant breaking changes happening frequently.


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