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A task queue based on a directed acyclic graph that allows you to specify dependencies for concurrent tasks.


use futures::future;
use futures_dagtask::TaskGraph;

let mut graph = TaskGraph::new();
let zero = graph.add_task(&[], future::ready::<u32>(0))?;
let one = graph.add_task(&[], future::ready::<u32>(1))?;
let two = graph.add_task(&[one], future::ready::<u32>(2))?;

let (add, exec) = graph.execute();

// spawn(exec.for_each(drop));

let _three = add.add_task(&[two], future::ready(3)).await?;

In this example, zero and one will be executed concurrently, but two will be executed after one is completed.

Due to the simplicity of design, we will never have circular dependencies.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


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