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0.1.0 Mar 4, 2021

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A commandline tool that counts the number of word occurences in an input.

This is just a placeholder repository for now. Please create issues for feature request and collaboration.


  • Ignore words (regex pattern)
  • Filter stopwords (similar to NLTK's stopwords)
  • Different output formats (plaintext, JSON)
  • Performance (SIMD support, async execution)
  • Usage as library
  • Recursion support
  • Allow skipping files
  • Allow specifying ignored words in a separate file
  • Generate "heat bars" for words like shell-hist does
  • Ability to split report by file/folder (sort of like sloc does for code)

Idea contributors:

  • @jamesmunns
  • Want to see your name here? Create an issue!

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