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app free-space-wipe

This is a utility to securely erase free space using a specification

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Uses old Rust 2015

1.0.0 Dec 1, 2016

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This is a simple Utility to Erase Free Space as per a Procedure

This is a simple utility that tries to clear the free space on a device by creating an ever expanding file using the method defined by a procedure until the operating system responds with an out of space error.

Implemented Procedures

Supported Operating Systems

  • unix (macOS, linux, etc)


Contributions are welcome, if you have a procedure you want to implement or improve the tool please open an issue first to discuss it before submitting code.


This utility does not provide a 100% guarantee to data erasure located in areas of the device marked as free space by the filesystem managing the device. This is a best effort and in the event that absolute data erasure is necessary ensure that the device is encrypted before storing the sensitive data and destroy the device when it is decommissioned. This tool is more of a way to clean the free space on a device that is still going to remain operational and you need to preserve the content that is actually taking up space on the device. This utility has not been verified by security critics / professionals so use at your own discretion.


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