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A declarative desktop GUI framework

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0.0.3 Dec 3, 2022
0.0.2 Sep 2, 2022
0.0.1 Aug 29, 2022

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FracTK is a GUI framework for Rust, for making desktop apps using a React-like API. It is backend-agnostic, and will try to use the native GUI library on each target. Currently, it uses the Windows API for windows targets, and GTK4 for unix targets.

Current state

The framework is currently in a pre-alpha stage. All releases from the 0.0.x series are to be considered experimental, and the API may change between them. We will make periodic releases when various milestones are reached. When the library grows further, processes will be established and semantic versioning will be used, starting at 1.0.0.

Getting started

Here is some quick boilerplate code for an app:

use fractk::prelude::*;
use fractk_macro::*;

app! {
    treeml! {
        <Window title="Hello world">
                <Label text="label 1"/>
                <Label text="label 2"/>

Some example apps are available in the examples directory.


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