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Fortress password manager sync server

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1.0.0 Oct 3, 2022

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Fortress Server

Fortress Server is the sync server for the Fortress password manager.


Authorization header required for all requests. It must contain the hex encoded 32 byte LoginId followed by the hex encoded 32 byte LoginKey (total 128 characters).

GET /objects

Returns a list of all objects in the database belonging to the user. The response is a JSON array where each element is an array of the form [id, siv], and both are hex encoded.

GET /object/:id

Returns the object's data. ID is hex encoded.

POST /object/:id/:old_siv

Creates or updates an object. The request body is the object's data (including the SIV). :id and :old_siv are hex encoded. If the object already exists, :old_siv must match the object's current SIV. If the object does not exist, :old_siv is ignored. Conflict (409) is returned if the object already exists and :old_siv does not match the object's current SIV. This is to prevent overwriting an object that has been updated since the last time the client fetched it.

Run locally

cargo run

Run tests

cargo test

Build docker image

docker build -t fortress-server .
docker tag fortress-server DEST
docker push DEST


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