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MIT license


Forward simulation with tree sequence recording in rust

This package is currently "experimental"!

forrustts (pronounced "forests") is a port of many ideas from the fwdpp library from C++ to rust.

It is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later ("GPL3+").


Getting started

cargo build
cargo test

Example programs are in the subdirectory examples/:

cargo build --examples

The binaries will then be found in target/debug/examples.

To build optimized examples:

cargo build --release --examples

The binaries will then be found in target/release/examples.

These programs use clap for command-line options. Pass --help to any of them for usage information.

Development information


CI testing is done using GitHub actions for both Linux and macOS. These actions include using clippy, which is a very strict code linter. The actions also check code format using rustfmt.

Code coverage

Use tarpaulin. The documentation for that crate is excellent. The short version is:

cargo tarpaulin -o html

This command will run the tests and generate a nice html report.

Change log

See here.


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