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forma 🐚

An opinionated SQL formatter.

📦 Install

The binary may be installed via cargo:

$ cargo install forma

Further the companion library formation may be required as a dependency:

formation = "0.3.0"

🤸 Usage

⚠️ forma should be considered alpha quality, with several known, and many more unknown deficiencies. Use at your own risk!

Give forma some SQL via a file path or stdin and you'll get back formatted SQL.

$ echo "SELECT * FROM users" | forma
select * from users;

To format a SQL file, simply give forma the file path.

$ forma path/to/some/sql/example.sql

And if you'd prefer to not actually format the SQL but know if formatting would happen then use the --check flag.

The binary is a thin wrapper around the formation library, which can be used in your own applications to format SQL.

use formation::format;
let sql = "SELECT * FROM users;";
    format(sql, false, 100).unwrap(),
    vec!["select * from users;\n".to_owned()]


  • Comprehensive Statement variant support (currently only Query)
  • Support for comments (these will be eaten by the formatter!)
  • Parameterized dialects


~45K SLoC