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Flussab AIGER

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Parsing and writing of the AIGER file format for combinational and sequential boolean circuits represented as And-Inverter-Graphs (AIGs), implemented using flussab. The goal of this library is to provide a very efficient streaming parser for the AIGER file format. In addition to a streaming parser, which allows parsing the AIG directly into application specific data structures, this library also provides simple data structures to represent the full contents of an AIGER file together with utility functions for reading writing that are implemented on top of the streaming API. Finally since the binary AIGER file format places more restrictions on the numbering of literals, this library provides functions fo renumbering AIGs to allow conversion from ASCII AIGER to binary AIGER.

Note: This is currently a preview release. It's mostly feature complete, but it's lacking documentation and I might still restructure the API a bit while prepareing this for a first proper release.


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