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Command line tool to fix outdated URLs in files with redirected ones

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fixred is a command line utility to fix outdated links in files with redirect URLs.



fixred is installed via cargo package manager. libcurl is necessary as dependency.

cargo install fixred
fixred --help

If you don't have Rust toolchain, a Docker image is also available.

docker run -it --rm rhysd/fixred:latest --help


fixred checks redirects of URLs in text files. When a URL is redirected, fixred replaces it with the redirected one. fixred ignores invalid URLs or broken links (e.g. 404) to avoid false positives in extracted URLs.

See the help output for each flags, options, and arguments.

fixred --help

Fix files

Most basic usage is fixing files by passing them to command line arguments.

# Fix a file
fixred ./docs/usage.md

# Fix all files in a directory (recursively)
fixred ./docs

# Multiple paths can be passed
fixred ./README.md ./CONTRIBUTING.md ./docs

Note that fixred only handles UTF8 files. Non-UTF8 files are ignored. To know which files were ignored, try --verbose flag.

Fix stdin

When no argument is given, fixred reads stdin and outputs result to stdout.

cat ./docs/usage.md | fixred

Run via Docker container

Mount local directories with -v and pass an environment variable (if necessary) with -e. Running the Docker image executes fixred executable by default.

# Fix all files in ./docs
docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/app -e FIXRED_LOG=info rhysd/fixred:latest /app/docs

Passing the input via stdin is also possible. The result is output to stdout.

# Fix stdin and output the result to stdout
cat ./docs/usage.md | docker run -i --rm rhysd/fixred:latest

Redirect only once

By default, fixred follows redirects repeatedly and uses the last URL to replace. However, sometimes redirecting only once would be more useful. --shallow flag is available for it.

For example, link to raw README file in rhysd/vim-crystal repository (moved to vim-crystal/vim-crystal later) is redirected as follows.

  1. https://github.com/rhysd/vim-crystal/raw/master/README.md
  2. https://github.com/vim-crystal/vim-crystal/raw/master/README.md
  3. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vim-crystal/vim-crystal/master/README.md

When you want to fix 1. to 2. but don't want to fix 1. to 3., --shallow is useful.

fixred --shallow ./README.md

Filtering URLs

When you want to fix only specific links in a file, filtering URLs with regular expressions is available. The following example fixes URLs which starts with https://github.com/ using --extract option.

fixred --extract '^https://github\.com/' ./docs

--ignore option is an invert version of --extract. URLs matched to the pattern are ignored. The following example avoids to resolve URLs which contain hashes.

fixred --ignore '#' ./docs

Verbose logs

By default, fixred outputs nothing when it runs successfully. For verbose log outputs, --verbose flag or $FIXRED_LOGi environment variable is available.

# Outputs which file is being processed
fixred --verbose
# Or
FIXRED_LOG=info fixred ./docs

# Outputs what fixred is doing in detail
FIXRED_LOG=debug fixred ./docs

Real-world example

Here is an example of usage in actionlint project.

Use this tool as Rust library

Please see the API document. And for the real world example, please see src directory.

To install as dependency, add fixred to your Cargo.toml file. Ensure to disable default features. It removes all unnecessary dependencies for using this tool as library.

fixred = { version = "1", default-features = false, features = [] }

Here is a small example code

use fixred::resolve::CurlResolver;
use fixred::redirect::Redirector;

fn main() {
    let red = Redirector::<CurlResolver>::default();
    let fixed = red.fix(std::io::stdin(), std::io::stdout()).unwrap();
    eprintln!("Fixed {} link(s)", fixed);


Distributed under the MIT license.


~437K SLoC