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A Tmux plugin to quickly create session for folders in configured paths

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The Need for Finter

I use Tmux to handle sessions and windows in terminal. my Tmux config file.

Everything is cool, except one feature is missing... What is it?

I want to quickly list a bunch of folders and create a Tmux session with the folder name I select.

This helps me to mentally isolate the work between folders/projects.

For instance, I hit a hotkey to pop up the list of folders/projects, I select one by fuzzy search, bang! the new session is created.

Finter is born to fulfil this demand.

Github repo

How it works

  1. Define the path(s) where folders reside, e.g. finter /home/username/proejcts/
  2. Add Finter hotkey in the .tmux.conf so it opens in a pop up (config below)
  3. Run the hotkey Prefix C-o in Tmux to create or jump to that Tmux session (screenshot below)
bind C-o display-popup -E "finter"  # `prefix-key C-o` will popup finter
selection list


How to install

You need to have Cargo command to install the tool Run cargo install finter to install it locally.

How it works?

Check the source code or short description below.

For the first time, finter needs to know where your folders exists, so you need to config it:

  • run finter [absolute-path1] [absolute-path2] ... to define one or multiple paths for this tool to search from. This command will save these paths in a .finter file in your home directory

Note. it supports ONLY absolute path, like /home/username/projects, rather than ~/projects.

Once the path configration is done (you can verify the ~/.finter file):

  1. Run finter in terminal. It will list all folders in the defined paths
  2. Select any folder in the popup will either spin up a new Tmux session and enter this folder, or enter back to the session if it exists already.


  • Display existing session in different color?


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