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Safe FFmpeg wrapper (FFmpeg 4 compatible fork of the ffmpeg-next crate)

10 stable releases

4.3.12 May 17, 2021
4.3.10 Jan 29, 2021
4.3.9 Dec 16, 2020
4.3.8 Nov 5, 2020
4.3.4+1 Aug 24, 2020

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This is a fork of the abandoned ffmpeg-next crate by zmwangx.

Support for different FFmpeg versions are guarded by feature flags:

FFmpeg version lavc version corresponding feature
4.3.x 58.91.100 ffmpeg43 (current default)
4.2.x 58.54.100 ffmpeg42
4.1.x 58.35.100 ffmpeg41
4.0.x 58.18.100 ffmpeg4
3.4.x 57.107.100 none

A word on versioning: major and minor versions of this crate track major and minor versions of FFmpeg, e.g. 4.2.x of this crate has been updated to support the 4.2.x series of FFmpeg. Patch level is reserved for bug fixes of this crate and does not track FFmpeg patch versions.

If you have problem building this crate, please have a look at the wiki.


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