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Placeholder crate. When prepared, will be ready to use logging recipes for fern.

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Ready to use logging recipes for fern - an efficient, configurable logger for Rust.


Logging configuration is infinitely branched, like a fern: formatting, filters, and output are all controlled for any increasingly specific set of parameters. Fern provides a builder-based configuration and implementation for rust's standard log crate.

Fern-recipes is the other side of this equation, providing one-line loggers for common needs. All fern recipes can be customized further, or applied immediately. All fern recipies have fern's allocation-free logging path.

Project Status

The fern project, so far, has been maintained by myself alone. It's a hobby project, but one I aim to keep at a high quality now and in the future.


With that said, contributions are also welcome!

The easiest way for you to contribute right now is to use fern in your application, and see where it's lacking. The current library should have a solid base, but not many log adapters or niche features.

If you have a use case fern does not cover, filing an issue will be immensely useful to me, to anyone wanting to contribute to the project, and (hopefully) to you once the feature is implemented!

If you've just filed an issue, or you want to approach one of our existing ones, mentoring is available! Tag me with @daboross on an issue, or send me an email at daboross @ daboross.net, and I'll be available to help.

See CONTRIBUTING for more information on technical details.

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