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Fast, parallelized duplicate file finder

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1.7.0 Apr 12, 2020
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1.4.1 Nov 13, 2018
1.3.1 Jun 21, 2017

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Fast data dupe finder

This is a small Rust command-line program to find duplicate files in a directory recursively. It uses a thread pool to calculate file hashes in parallel.

Duplicates are found by checking size, then (Blake3) hashes of parts of files of same size, then a byte-for-byte comparison.


Directly from crates.io with cargo install fddf.

From checkout:

cargo build --release
cargo run --release

Minimum supported Rust version is 1.39.0.


fddf [-s] [-t] [-S] [-m SIZE] [-M SIZE] [-v] <rootdir>

-s: report dupe groups in a single line
-t: produce a grand total
-S: don't scan recursively for each directory given
-f: check for files with given pattern only
-F: check for files with given regular expression only
-m: minimum size (default 1 byte)
-M: maximum size (default unlimited)
-v: verbose operation

By default, zero-length files are ignored, since there is no meaningful data to be duplicated. Pass -m 0 to include them.

PRs welcome!


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