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fcmp File compare library and command line utility

Takes a list of file names and returns the most recently modified file.

If the result would be ambiguous, the first occurring ambiguous item in the file list will be returned.


There are currently two install options:

  1. Install cargo and run cargo install stall.

  2. Build stall from source. Clone this repository, install Rust, run Cargo build --release, and move the compiled binary into your $PATH somewhere.


    fcmp [OPTIONS] [PATHS]...

            File paths to compare

    -d, --diff
            Consider files with the same content as equal

    -h, --help
            Print help information

    -i, --index
            Return the (0-based) index of the file instead of the path

    -m, --missing <MISSING>
            Determines how to handle missing files.

            By default, missing files will be treated as older than all other files.

            [default: oldest]
            [possible values: oldest, newest, ignore, error]

    -r, --reverse
            Return the oldest file instead of the newest

    -V, --version
            Print version information


Stall is licenced with the MIT license or the Apache version 2.0 license, at your option.


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