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Serde deserializer for Minecraft's stringified NBT format

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0.2.0 Sep 23, 2023
0.1.0 May 16, 2023

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fastsnbt crate

Documentation: docs.rs

Fast serde deserializer and serializer for Minecraft: Java Edition's sNBT format.

Zero-copy is supported where possible through from_str.

See fastnbt's documentation for more information.

fastsnbt = "2"

fastsnbt follows Semver, some things that this project does not count as a breaking change are:

  • Minimum Rust version change. Outside of corporate environments this should not be too difficult, and I don't see much need for sNBT in those environments.
  • Improving the (de)serializer such that valid sNBT that did not (de)serialize, then (de)serializes. Any of these cases I consider a bug.

Changes that make fastsnbt incompatible with WebAssembly are considered breaking changes.

NBT crate

fastsnbt tightly cooperates with fastnbt. It serves more as an extension to fastnbt than a standalone crate. For NBT types, Value etc. see fastnbt's docs here.


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