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Fast murmur3 hash, with the benchmarks to prove it

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Murmur3 is a fast, non-cryptographic hash function. Fastmurmur3 is, in my testing, the fastest implementation of Murmur3.


let bytes: &[u8] = b"hello world";
let x: u128 = fastmurmur3::hash(bytes);


cargo install fastmurmur3



According to current testing (and excluding FxHasher):

  • fastmurmur3 is the fastest.
  • xxh3_64 is 1.66x slower and only has a 64-bit value.
  • xxh3_128 is 2.50x slower.
  • fasthash contains the next fastest murmur3 implementation, but is still 4.47x slower than fastmurmur3.


rustc_hash::FxHasher    time:   [243.91 ps 244.60 ps 245.30 ps]

fastmurmur3             time:   [3.0878 ns 3.1215 ns 3.1619 ns]
xxhash_rust::xxh3_64    time:   [5.1473 ns 5.1872 ns 5.2456 ns]
xxhash_rust::xxh3_128   time:   [7.8066 ns 7.8271 ns 7.8499 ns]
fasthash                time:   [13.909 ns 13.960 ns 14.018 ns]
murmur3c                time:   [14.529 ns 14.604 ns 14.684 ns]
murmur3                 time:   [26.084 ns 26.163 ns 26.249 ns]
twox_hash::Xxh3Hash64   time:   [124.23 ns 126.46 ns 128.55 ns]
twox_hash::Xxh3Hash128  time:   [134.62 ns 136.75 ns 138.77 ns]
sha1                    time:   [209.55 ns 211.71 ns 214.88 ns]

Benchmark Future Work

  • These benchmarks are run on a limited input set and with a limited seed. It'd be better to run these benchmarks on a larger input set and with a larger seed.

  • Besides speed, these benchmarks could also measure other important hash properties like collision-resistance.

  • I exclude FxHash from the benchmark summary because I don't know if it's been tested for general use beyond the rust compiler. If that has been done, and it proves to be general purpose, FxHash could be preferable to fastmurmur3.

  • It'd be nice to have pretty charts of the benchmarks.


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