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A fast Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese conversion library. Built with FST, faster than most of other libraries.

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A super-fast Chinese translation tool to translate Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese.

Use hashbrown to build the translation state machine.


let t = "企畫 計畫 企劃 計劃 畫圖 畫畫";
let s = fast2s::convert(k);
assert_eq!(&s, "企划 计划 企划 计划 画图 画画");


See simple.rs under benches directory. I compared the result with opencc-rust, simplet2s-rs, and character_converter. As character_converter is too slow, I have to change the sample size to 10 to not wait super long.

Test result (convert and return new string):

tests fast2s simplet2s-rs opencc-rust character_conver
zht 188us 729us 5.98ms 1.23s
zhc 169us 941us 6.89ms 2.87s
en 69us 3.31ms 13.99ms 26.11s

Test result (mutate existing string):

tests fast2s simplet2s-rs opencc-rust character_conver
zht 121us N/A N/A N/A
zhc 139us N/A N/A N/A
en 78us N/A N/A N/A


  1. benchmark is done with rust 1.56.1.
  2. zht means load "math_zht.txt" and translate, zhc means load "math_zhc.txt" (all Simplified Chinese) and translate, en means load "math_en.txt" (all English) and translate.
  3. N/A means not supported.

Please do not trust the benchmark result directly, you shall run it in your local environment. See how to run benchmark.


t2s.txt is borrored from simplet2s.


~21K SLoC