Cargo Features

fang = { version = "0.11.0-rc1", default-features = false, features = ["asynk-postgres", "asynk-sqlite", "asynk-mysql", "asynk-sqlx", "asynk", "derive-error", "blocking", "blocking-postgres", "blocking-sqlite", "blocking-mysql", "migrations-postgres", "migrations-sqlite", "migrations-mysql", "migrations"] }
default = asynk-sqlx, blocking, blocking-mysql, blocking-postgres, blocking-sqlite, derive-error, migrations-mysql, migrations-postgres, migrations-sqlite

These default features are set whenever fang is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

asynk-postgres = asynk-sqlx

Enables postgres of optional sqlx ^0.6.3

asynk-sqlite = asynk-sqlx

Enables sqlite of optional sqlx ^0.6.3

asynk-mysql = asynk-sqlx

Enables mysql of optional sqlx ^0.6.3

asynk-sqlx default asynk-mysql? asynk-postgres? asynk-sqlite? = asynk

Enables sqlx ^0.6.3

asynk asynk-sqlx

Enables async-recursion, async-trait, and tokio

Affects fang::asynk

derive-error default

Enables fang-derive-error

blocking default blocking-mysql blocking-postgres blocking-sqlite

Enables diesel-derive-enum and dotenvy, chrono, r2d2, serde_json and uuid of diesel

Affects fang::blocking

blocking-postgres default = blocking

Enables postgres of optional diesel

Affects blocking::postgres_schema

blocking-sqlite default = blocking

Enables sqlite of optional diesel

Affects blocking::sqlite_schema

blocking-mysql default = blocking

Enables mysql of optional diesel

Affects blocking::mysql_schema

migrations-postgres default = migrations

Affects fang::MIGRATIONS_POSTGRES, fang::run_migrations_postgres

migrations-sqlite default = migrations

Affects fang::MIGRATIONS_SQLITE, fang::run_migrations_sqlite

migrations-mysql default = migrations

Affects fang::MIGRATIONS_MYSQL, fang::run_migrations_mysql

migrations migrations-mysql migrations-postgres migrations-sqlite

Enables diesel_migrations