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Fallible rust stable std collections allocations

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Fallible rust stable std collections allocations

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At the moment we have an unstabilized allocations API in the std, so this is a temporary safe solution for a stable rust.

Usage example

To create a vector you could use this code example:

use fallible_alloc::vec::alloc_with_size;


let vector_size: usize = 10;
let maybe_vector = alloc_with_size::<f64>(vector_size);

match maybe_vector {
  Ok(vec) => println!("Created a vec with size 10"),
  Err(error) => println!("Failed to create a vec, reason: {}", error)

As you could see, the maybe_vector has a Result<Vec<T>, AllocError> type, so now it's possible to handle a part of allocation errors.

Also it's possible to change the allocator used by crate with this code example:

use std::alloc::{GlobalAlloc, System, Layout};

struct MyAllocator;

unsafe impl GlobalAlloc for MyAllocator {
    unsafe fn alloc(&self, layout: Layout) -> *mut u8 {

    unsafe fn dealloc(&self, ptr: *mut u8, layout: Layout) {
        System.dealloc(ptr, layout)

static GLOBAL: MyAllocator = MyAllocator;

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