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A JavaScript checker and compiler. For use as a library or cli

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A JavaScript compiler and TypeScript checker written in Rust with a focus on static analysis and runtime performance.

This project is a workspace consisting of a few crates:

Crate Lines Of Code
parser Contains AST definitions, logic for parsing and serializing, and visiting

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This is an experimental compiler. If you are looking for a stable compiler, Ezno is not the right choice at the moment.

Type checking

Ezno is a type checker based on TypeScript type annotations.


  • Declare interfaces and other type definitions
  • Usage checking: property access, function parameters etc
  • Effects that track mutations across functions
  • Parameter constraint inference
  • Powerful dependent type system

Differences to checking TSC

  • The any type has no properties on it
  • Type annotations on variables are the reassignment constraint, not it's current value. Current value is inferred and is mutable
  • ...

ultimately the differences shouldn't break existing code and in any case pick up more errors than TSC

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