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Exonum Rust Runtime

Travis Build Status License: Apache-2.0 rust 1.42.0+ required

The runtime is for running services written in Rust.

This runtime is useful for writing services that exist throughout the whole life of the blockchain. A good example of this kind of services is blockchain oracles.

Another good point to use the Rust runtime are services with high performance requirements because the runtime has lowest overhead.

In the Rust runtime, a set of service artifacts that you may want to deploy is static. This set is defined at the time of compilation. Once the set is created, you can change it only by recompiling the node binary.

The Rust runtime does not provide service isolation from the operation system. Therefore, the security audit of the deployed artifacts is up to the node administrators.


You might look at one of these examples:

...or these services developed along with the Exonum framework:


exonum-rust-runtime is licensed under the Apache License (Version 2.0). See LICENSE for details.


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