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CLI for Exomind, a personal knowledge management tool

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0.1.15 Oct 20, 2022
0.1.14 May 11, 2022
0.1.13 Mar 20, 2022
0.1.12 Dec 11, 2021
0.1.4 Jun 7, 2021

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Warning: Exomind is at a very early development stage, hence incomplete, unstable and probably totally unsafe. Use at your own risk.

Exomind is a personal knowledge management tool. It is a unified inbox in which your emails, your notes, your tasks and your bookmarks can live and be organized in collections.

It is built on top of Exocore, a distributed application framework, and is meant to be hosted in a decentralized fashion on user's selected servers (ex: Raspberry Pi, VPS, etc.).


Exomind closely follows Exocore's roadmap since Exocore is being developed for Exomind.

v0.1 (in progress)

  • Notes, Bookmarks, Emails, Tasks
  • Snoozing
  • Basic web client
  • Basic iOS client
  • Gmail synchronization server (read-only, except for labels assignations and read flags)
  • WASM business logic (hosted by Exocore)


  • Gmail attachments

v0.3 and beyond

  • File storage



  • Install dependencies from Exocore and follow web and iOS.

Quick start

  1. Bootstrap an exocore node. (see Exocore's quick start) If you already have an Exocore cluster, make sure one node has the app_host role.

    • exo node init
    • exo cell init
  2. Install Exomind in the cell.

    • exo cell app install https://github.com/appaquet/exomind/releases/download/<VERSION>/exomind-app.zip
  3. Start your node.

    • exo daemon
  4. Download pre-built Electron app, or follow Web client and/or iOS client instructions.



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