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app exercism_prep_tests

Utility to prep/enable ignored tests for Exercism exercises

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exercism prep tests

Utility to prep/enable ignored tests for Exercism exercises.

How to use

You will need to install the Rust compiler and cargo package tool to install from Crates.io or build from repository source.

  • From this repo, copy .languages file (Unix-likes such as Linux, Mac OS X) or languages.cfg (Windows) to the exercism CLI's working directory (usually ~/exercism on Unix-likes). This file contains the definitions for test files in various programming languages.

  • Install exercism prep tests tool from Crates.io:

cargo install exercism\_prep\_tests
cargo install --path .
(from cloned repo under exercism prep tests directory).


under the exercise directory (e.g. ~/exercism/cpp/hamming) to automatically enable all tests (if the chosen language has been defined).


~15K SLoC