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Event-Driven messaging library for Rust

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It's an early alpha version, not ready for production yet.

The main goal of the project is to create a library with one model abstraction and different implementations for a variety of message brokers, like Kafka, RabbitMQ, Iggy, custom In-memory, etc... Ideally, the library should be able to handle all possible event-driven oriented scenarios, both for modular monolith and distributed applications (microservices, typically).

Release notes

Building project

cargo build

Testing project

cargo test


Running examples

Getting started

cargo run --example getting-started

In-Memory messages

Run examples:

cargo run --example in-memory
cargo run --example in-memory-multi-threaded

Kafka messages

Install docker and docker-compose on local machine, start kafka containers:

cd tools\kafka
docker-compose up -d

Create topic 'orders':

kafka-topics --bootstrap-servers localhost:9092 --create --topic orders

Run examples:

cargo run --example kafka
cargo run --example kafka-many-handlers


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