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eto -- bleh!

A small updater.



For Windows, pre-built binaries are provided in the GitHub releases section.

If you are on another system, or want to build eto from scratch, you can install the eto command line tool using cargo. The best way to get cargo is using rustup.

cargo install --release


To make sure the old and new directories are correct, you need to create an eto.json file, that contains some metadata.

  "version": "1.0",
  "ignore": []

version will be checked by the updater when applying a package. Files matching glob patterns in ignore will be ignored when scanning the state of a directory.

Creating a Package

eto package -a ./my-old-dir -b ./my-new-dir -o ./package.etopack

Applying a Package

If you are an end-user of software that uses eto, check its documentation for applying packages, as this can differ depending on the setup.

If you are a developer, check the help documentation for the eto patch subcommand. You may want to provide a batch script to your users for doing this automatically, as most users are not comfortable using the command line. You can also apply a patch programmatically using the eto library, or call eto patch from your software, and have it wait for your software to close and restart it afterwards.


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