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WASM library for web injected and walletconnect dApp connections

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Add this to your Cargo.toml:

ethers-web = "0.2"

Depending on the web framework you are using you might want to enable proper feature.

For yew you should simply enable its feature first:

ethers-web = { version = "0.2", features = [ "yew" ] }

In examples folder you will find an example yew application that is using an yew::UseEthereum that will allow you to connect to chosen wallet and maintain its life cycle by fetching messages from the message loop using next() function.

The library does not deliver own message loop bacause of the limitations that yew and leptos are inside their WASM lifecycle.

There are two wallet standards implemented inside ethers-web.

EIP 1193

Eip1193 is an embedded wallet standard such as Metamask. To connect to it you just need to call connect() method and attach connected context provider as any other provider in ethers calls.


WalletConnect requires a bit more setup than just making a connection. You will need PROJECT_ID and additional RPC_URL that will be handling generic rpc calls that wallet might not support.


Simply check examples folder to find example implementations you can use in your app.


In progress of creation. For now check examples folder for implementation details for both leptos and yew frameworks


  • EIP1193 injected wallet implementation
  • WalletConnect
  • Proper Leptos support
  • Documentation

Note on WASM

This library currently needs WASM to work. There is a plan to support server-side implementations, though. For now, we focus on building robust solution for WASM implementations of websites.


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