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Convert Esperanto text between UTF-8, x-system and h-system transliterations

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Convert Esperanto text between UTF-8, x-system and h-system transliterations.

True Esperanto text has various diacritics that can be properly represented in UTF-8. Those who are limited to ASCII or are unable to type these characters often resort to the "h-system" or "x-system". In these, a suffix is added to those letters which should have a diacritic.

This crate provides functions for converting a string between a transliteration and UTF-8. For the x-system this can be done with complete accuracy as there is no ambiguity. For the h-system, a small vocabulary list is used to avoid changing the meaning of real words.

A binary called eotext is included to use these functions from a CLI.


To use the published crate in your Rust program add the following to Cargo.toml:

esperanto-text = "1"

If you have cloned the repo and want to run the eotext program you must have a Rust toolchain installed. The recommended way to do is is via Rustup. Run the following command:

cargo build --release --bin eotext

The built binary will be located at target/release/eotext.

Example: UTF-8 to x-system

let input = "eĥoŝanĝo ĉiuĵaŭde";
    "ehxosxangxo cxiujxauxde".to_owned(),

Example: h-system to UTF-8

let input = "Chiuj estas senchavaj kaj taugaj ideoj.";
    "Ĉiuj estas senchavaj kaj taŭgaj ideoj.".to_owned(),


Made available under the MIT licence. See LICENCE for details.


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