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A library that makes it VERY easy to run Holochain as a library, from your own binary, with great defaults

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A library that makes it VERY easy to run Holochain as a library, from your own binary, with great defaults

How it will work

datastore_path is most important. If existing persisted Holochain conductor files are found in the given directory, it will simply re-use the admin_ws_port app_ws_port app_id and dnas from that configuration. Otherwise, it will create that directory, and setup your configuration as specified.

It will pair nicely with structopt to make a configurable service. See a simple demo. For a more advanced application using the exported async_main function, shutdown signal, and StateSignal listeners, you can see it in use in the Acorn Holochain application.

In either case,

  • first run/installation
  • second run/reboot

it will log this to the console when the interfaces are all ready and the app installed or running:




embedded_holochain_runner = { git = "https://github.com/Sprillow/embedded-holochain-runner.git" }

rkv = { git = "https://github.com/holochain/rkv.git", branch = "master" }
lmdb-rkv = { git = "https://github.com/holochain/lmdb-rs.git" }

Assuming you have a compiled Holochain DNA file sitting around at ../dna/sample/sample.dna...


use embedded_holochain_runner::*;
const SAMPLE_DNA: &'static [u8] = include_bytes!("../dna/sample/sample.dna");
fn main() {
    // String is like "CellNick"/"SlotId"
    let dnas: Vec<(Vec<u8>, String)> = vec![(SAMPLE_DNA.into(), "sample".into())];
    blocking_main(HcConfig {
        datastore_path: String::from("databases"),
        keystore_path: String::from("keystore"),
        app_id: String::from("my-app-id"),
        admin_ws_port: 1234,
        app_ws_port: 8888,
        proxy_url: String::from("kitsune-proxy://SYVd4CF3BdJ4DS7KwLLgeU3_DbHoZ34Y-qroZ79DOs8/kitsune-quic/h/"),
        event_channel: None,

It will clearly log its configuration to the console.

RUST_LOG environment variable can be set to get details logs from Holochain. Those logs are by default suppressed.


if you pass an event_channel, which should be of type: Option<tokio::sync::mpsc::Sender<StateSignal>> where StateSignal can be imported via use embedded_holochain_runner::StateSignal, you can listen for the following events, to trigger external actions.

It looks like:

pub enum StateSignal {
    // will be only one or the other of these
    // are sub events after IsFirstRun
    // Done/Ready Event, called when websocket interfaces and
    // everything else is ready

Bootstrap Networking Service

This library is currently pointed at the https://bootstrap-staging.holo.host node discovery service.

Holochain Version

The HDK used for your DNA should match the version used in this library, which is listed below. Such as:

Zome Cargo.toml

# use whatever hdk uses
serde = "*"
hdk = {git = "https://github.com/holochain/holochain.git", rev = "bdb9c55d504135df39ccb1c75896557a788d0ac0", package = "hdk"}

Currently bundles Holochain version: bdb9c55d504135df39ccb1c75896557a788d0ac0 (June 25, 2021).


~1.5M SLoC