Cargo Features

Elephantry has no features set by default.

elephantry = { version = "4.0.0-rc.2", features = ["all-types", "bit", "config", "date", "geo", "inspect", "json", "ltree", "money", "multirange", "net", "numeric", "pg14", "rocket", "serde", "time", "uuid", "xml", "arbitrary"] }
all-types = bit, date, geo, json, ltree, money, net, numeric, time, uuid, xml
bit all-types? = bit-vec

Enables bit of elephantry-derive

config = serde

Enables config ^0.13

date all-types? = chrono

Enables date of elephantry-derive

geo all-types? = geo-types

Enables geo of elephantry-derive


Affects elephantry::inspect

json all-types? = serde_json

Enables json of elephantry-derive

ltree all-types?

Enables ltree of elephantry-derive

money all-types? = postgres_money

Enables money of elephantry-derive

multirange pg14?

Enables v14 of libpq

net all-types? = ipnetwork, macaddr

Enables net of elephantry-derive

numeric all-types? = bigdecimal, num

Enables numeric of elephantry-derive

pg14 = multirange

Enables v14 of libpq

rocket = r2d2, rocket_sync_db_pools

Affects elephantry::rocket

serde config?

Enables serde, serde of time

time all-types? serde?

Enables time, time of elephantry-derive

uuid all-types?

Enables uuid, uuid of elephantry-derive

xml all-types? = xmltree

Enables xml of elephantry-derive

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

serde_json json?
bigdecimal numeric?
bit-vec bit?
chrono date?
geo-types geo?
ipnetwork net?
macaddr net?
num numeric?
postgres_money money?
r2d2 rocket?

Affects elephantry::r2d2

rocket_sync_db_pools rocket?
xmltree xml?
arbitrary implicit feature

Enables arbitrary


The trait for generating structured data from unstructured data