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macro elapsed-printer

Very simple macro for printing time elapsed to execute a function

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0.1.0 Nov 30, 2021

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Very simple macro for printing time elapsed to execute a function.


elapsed-printer is crate holding just one macro, print_elapsed using Rust standard library std::time to check elapsed during function(also method) execution.


print_elapsed can have three types of attributes. Using attributes is optional and, if not specified, uses the default attributes. The order of attributes and the use of quotes do not matter.

(1) Stream to print time

  1. stdout - Print output to standard output stream.
  2. stderr - Print output to standard error stream.
  3. both - Print output to both standard output and error stream.
  • Default: stdout

(2) Unit of time

  1. auto - Print output in the form defined in Debug trait in std::time::Duration structure.
  2. s - Print output in units of second.
  3. ms - Print output in units of millisecond.
  4. us - Print output in units of microsecond.
  5. ns - Print output in units of nanosecond.
  • Default: auto

(3) Features list

  • [features_list]
    • If any of the features in list are activated, print output.
    • If empty, print output always.
  • Default: not specified (=print always)


Use Cases

use elapsed_printer::print_elapsed;

fn func_to_print_elapsed_default() {}

#[print_elapsed(stdout, auto)]
// Same as default
// Print always regardless of feature activation.
fn func_to_print_elapsed_same_as_default() {}

#[print_elapsed(ms, "stdout")]
// Attribute order does not matter.
// Use of quotes does not matter.
fn func_to_print_elapsed_same_with_ms() {}

#[print_elapsed("ms", stderr, [feature_1])]
// Print when using `feature_1`
fn func_to_print_elapsed_when_using_feature_1() {}

#[print_elapsed([feature_1, feature_2], ns, stderr)]
// Print when using `feature_1` or `feature_2`
fn func_to_print_elapsed_when_using_feature_1_or_feature_2() {}

struct MyStruct;
impl MyStruct {
    // Can be applied to method
    pub fn method(&self) {}

Sample code and output


use elapsed_printer::print_elapsed;
use std::time::Duration;
use std::thread;

fn function_name_1() {
#[print_elapsed(stdout, ns)]
fn function_name_2() {
#[print_elapsed(stdout, us)]
fn function_name_3() {

fn main() {


function_name_1, 12.527014ms
function_name_2, 32ns
function_name_1, 10.070776ms
function_name_3, 10097us


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