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Vulkano graphics backend for egui

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0.8.0 May 7, 2022
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0.6.0 Feb 23, 2022
0.5.0 Feb 7, 2022
0.1.0 Apr 20, 2021

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Vulkano backend for egui

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This is a drawing backend to use egui with Vulkano. It can be used with egui-winit for input handling.


let mut egui_painter = egui_vulkano::Painter::new(
    device.clone(), // your Vulkano Device
    queue.clone(), // your Vulkano Queue
    Subpass::from(render_pass.clone(), 1).unwrap(), // subpass that you set up to render the gui

// ...

// Get the shapes from egui
let egui_output = egui_ctx.end_frame();
let result = egui_painter.update_textures(egui_output.textures_delta, &mut builder).unwrap();
// If using egui-winit:
egui_winit.handle_platform_output(surface.window(), &egui_ctx, egui_output.platform_output);

// Do your own rendering ...

// Automatically start the next render subpass and draw the gui
        &mut builder, // your vulkano AutoCommandBufferBuilder
        [width, height], // window size
        &egui_ctx, // your egui CtxRef
        egui_output.shapes // shapes from egui,

Check the included working example for more info.

Pull requests are welcome!


With inspiration from egui_winit_ash_vk_mem, egui_sdl2_gl and egui_glium.


~1M SLoC