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A simple memory editor for the egui library

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Egui Memory Editor

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This is a simple memory editor/viewer utility for the immediate mode UI library egui



  • Multiple memory regions with different address ranges can be created.
  • Can jump to an arbitrary address using the goto functions.
  • Can select certain values in the main UI by right-clicking, which you can then see in the Data Preview section.
  • Can have an optional write function to allow editing fields by left clicking on them.


It's best to look at the example in the examples/ folder, but one can initialise the editor with any struct of their choosing.

For example, a custom memory struct:

let mut memory = Memory::new();
// Initialise with read function
let mut memory_editor = MemoryEditor::<Memory>::new(|memory, address| memory.read_value_at(address))
    .with_address_range("All", 0..0xFFFF)
    .with_write_function(|memory, address, value| memory.write_value_at(address, value))
    .with_window_title("Hello Editor!");

// In your egui rendering simply include the following:
memory_editor.window_ui(ctx, &mut memory);

Running example

To run the example do the following:

  1. git clone https://github.com/Hirtol/egui_memory_editor
  2. cd egui_memory_editor
  3. cargo run --example simple --release

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