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A domain-specific-language to select commits in a git repo. Similar to Mercurial's revset.

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0.1.0 Feb 4, 2023

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Lossless conversion between UTF-8 and bytes in Rust. Optimized for UTF-8 content.

Non-UTF-8 bytes (>= 128) are encoded in a subset of Unicode Private Use Area U+EF80..U+EFFF. Conflicted Unicode characters are escaped by prefixing U+EF00.

This can be useful to pass mostly UTF-8 but occasionally invalid UTF-8 data as text-only format like JSON for processing, after receiving the processed text back, reconstruct the original data losslessly.

Unlike PEP 383, wtf8, cesu8, this library produces standard-conformant UTF-8 compatible with Rust's str.

The name ef80escape is chosen because it's similar to Python's surrogateescape but instead of surrogates, it uses a different range starting with U+EF80.

Refer to the documentation for examples.

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