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macro edgedb-composable-query-derive

ComposableQuery trait derivation for EdgeDB. Use with edgedb-composable-query.

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Query arbitrary structs from EdgeDB. Compose queries of arbitrary complexity.

Beware: it's very much a work-in-progress. Pre-0.1. It's messy, there're todo!()'s in the code, etc. I'm still figuring out the semantics. If you're interested in this working for your use-cases, please try it and file the issues at: https://github.com/valyagolev/edgedb-composable-query/issues. But don't use it seriously yet; it might panic, and will change the API.

Two major parts of the crate:

  1. A set of tools, around the EdgedbObject derivable trait, that allow you to query arbitrary rust structs from EdgeDB, converting types automatically. See examples below: https://docs.rs/edgedb-composable-query/latest/edgedb_composable_query/

  2. A set of tools, around the composable::EdgedbComposableQuery derivable trait, that allow you express complex, composable queries through Rust structs and attributes. See docs and examples in the [composable] submodule: https://docs.rs/edgedb-composable-query/latest/edgedb_composable_query/composable/index.html


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